Lelaki ini dedah bagaimana modus operandi Air Asia ‘tipu’ pelanggan, siap bagi bukti

Lelaki ini dedah bagaimana modus operandi Air Asia ‘tipu’ pelanggan, siap bagi bukti.

Airasia Game To Cheat Customers in the most subtle manner possible.

My flight is on the 18/6/2022 at 11.35am to Langkawi. I booked this flight nearly a month ago. Today i get an email saying my flight is rescheduled to 5pm.

Now i check the available flights online and guess what the 11.35am flight is available and at double the price i bought. Now if i want to change my flight to that time again i have to pay the extra in order to get that time.

My flight is a week away. And the reason given is operational issues. So are you telling me that you cannot resolve that issue in a week and keep to what you have sold me??? You cant change my flight to the available one??? How stupid do you think people are????

Do you think we the consumers are that stupid that we cannot see you changed that time to a later time as that is a good/peak time and your bookings were full. By moving my flight now you can again sell that time at double the price?????

Is this what everyone can fly is about??? This is how you get an AWARD AS THE BEST LOW COST CARRIER?????

I wonder how many more flights and destinations you have done this too and some people are really naive and except this rescheduling and just look the other way? I wonder how many years have you been doing this to the people of Malaysia and filling up your own pockets????

What you deserve is to be boycotted by the people and make you realize that you should not cheat the people and go back to doing honest business as how when you first started!!!!

I will be seriously considering other airlines moving forward. You Tony Fernandes & Airasia are a disgrace to Malaysia now nothing more.


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